Grillz in gold and diamonds are part of the iconic look of the Dirty South Hiphop movement. Stars like Lil Jon, Nelly and even A$ap Rocky have made huge impressions with their iced out teeth.
At IceRocks we make custom grillz for you out of the same range of high quality materials as in our chains, bracelets and rings. All our prices include a design consultation, mould taking and fitting service in our London offices. We craft them to exactly match your teeth, so you will end up with a unique piece of jewellery that only you can wear.


For 1 Tooth

For 6 Teeth

925 Sterling Silver



925 Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Pave



925 Sterling Silver & SI Diamonds



925 Sterling Silver & VS Diamonds



925 Sterling Silver & VVS Diamonds



Dental Gold



9ct Gold



9ct Gold & Cubic Zirconia Pave



9ct Gold & SI Diamonds



9ct Gold & VS Diamonds



9ct Gold & VVS Diamonds



All 9ct gold is available in white, yellow or rose gold for no extra charge.

All 925 Sterling Silver can be gold or rhodium mirror plated for £25/tooth.

We offer various options for you to customise your plain grillz: patterned stone arrangements, diamond dust and cuts.



Single Tooth

6 Teeth




Diamond Cut



Pineapple Cut



Diamond Dust



Diamond Cut and Dust



Windows design




We recommend for our customers to use our design and fit service. As mentioned above, we take the moulds for you in our London office, and you return for the grillz to be professionally fitted once completed. For our customers based outside of London, we can send out kits to take a mould at home.

A private home booking service is also available, price on request.

All bespoke diamond grillz take 3 weeks to set and plain grillz take 2 weeks.

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